If you have been for a diagnostic check on your VW Golf Mk5 or Touran then your mechanic will probably have told you that you have a fault with your Brake Pressure sensor or given you the full fault code of: Brake Pressure Sensor 1 G and will probably have told you that you must change your ABS Pump Module for a small fortune, plus fitting costs.

When we rebuild your ABS pump we not only correct the problem but the materials and processes we use will reinforce your ABS pump module to prevent the fault from ever reoccurring. Once all internal faults have been identified our highly skilled technicians will rebuild the ABS using higher rated than standard components. Post rebuild testing will also ensure that the ABS pump and module does not fail again.

Our strict quality control over every aspect including testing, components, workmanship and ESD safety allows us to proudly and confidently provide our lifetime warranty on every product.

Send us your package by tracked courier the shipping instructions are on the confirmation email. Once received we will test, rebuild and return your ABS unit with an unlimited mileage lifetime warranty.

golf mk5 abs pump repair

Fill in and submit this test form. All NHS staff, emergency workers, care workers and delivery drivers will receive priority turnaround on their units. English English Italiano. ECU Engine Management. Dashboard Instrument Cluster. VW rabbit, manuf. Hi Thomas, we can certainly help with that. Need abs pump replaced. Pls provide cost for be golf tsi. Thanks raymond. Hi there I drive a mk5 gt sports it appears to have a faulty abs pump and the number written on the pump is 1ko BE F1.

Which other pump can be used on it's place. By the way the uses dsg gear shift. Hi Pedro, rather than replace the ABS with another part from manufacturer, which will have the same inherent faults built in, we would recommend a rebuild of your own unit.

This way you can be assured that the fault will be engineered out so that it does not return. Hi Chris, if we rebuild the ABS unit from your vehicle then there would be no need for re-coding when you get it back. Just simply fit it back in, bleed the brakes and away you go. Very simple process. Faulty ABS pump was collected by courier, tested, repaired and returned in around a week including a weekend.

Now works perfectly.Call our customer service team now on ESP light on the dashboard is on. The traction control light may be showing.

Vw golf mk5 ABS Fault/Traction control warning lights on

Fault code for pressure sensor from the diagnostic tool. If the ESP light on the cluster is on then resetting any brake pressure sender switch will not fix this error as it is an internal fault within the ABS unit.

golf mk5 abs pump repair

However, this fault will not be fixed within the car and diagnostic testing may show a fault code for certain models or G on VW units relating to the Pressure Sensor. BBA has developed a new test and internal repair for these units and can also offer an exchange with a stock part that will not need programming to your car. Simply call our customer service team now and they will arrange pick up of your part straight away. BBA engineers have a long history of successful automotive remanufacturing and have a wealth of experience that allows us to not only fix your part but re-engineer it to outperform and outlast the OEM part.

BBA is so confident in its work that it offers an unbeatable LIFETIME Warranty to provide our customers with the highest quality workmanship but also the security that we will keep your car on the road in the future.

golf mk5 abs pump repair

BBA is also an environmentally focussed company and we want to keep your cars on the road for longer and keep cars and parts out of land-fills and scrap heaps. BBA will pay cash for your core units. Call our customer service team for all details and they will arrange pick-up and delivery for you.Jump to content.

You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 04 May - AM. She thinks it only came on after she was rear ended and the car was reparied.

Could it be a result of the accident - Answer: It is probably a coincidence. The fault code does not have a timestamp telling you when it first occured my point being that if it was because of the accident and i could prove it, the insurers would have to fix it.

Also in my opinion, if a cars been in an accident and a fault has occured directly afterward I would strongly suspect that the accident could have been the cause or at least 'finished off' an already failing part. Could it be anything else - It could quite possibly be a fault with another part of the system, as fault codes should be considered a 'point in the right direction' as they are not completely accurate by any means.

Personally if I were you I would take the vehicle to another VW dealer and get them to check for fault codes, and ask them the same questions, and see what answers you get back. If you get back the same answers than before you may have to look at going to an independent garage as they should be more willing to have a good look over the system, and perform relevant tests to help determine that actual fault im not saying that the ABS pump is not at fault, but you want to be sure before you start changing expensive components.

This is a common fault on Tourans. The ABS pump has aset of sensors in them that fail. My brother in law got his done on a model earlier this year.

His car did not have FWSH either. Providing the brake fluid changes have been done along with regular serviceing you should be ok. Check out Honest John for more info. Just a stock diesel Anni Hugely, hugely common problem, there is a reason I post about this is in nearly every MK5 what to look for thread. Its not the dealer playing silly buggers and its not anything to do with the accident, its a serious fault with the part and its failing in big numbers.

You will have to pay the bill unless VW agree to goodwill. Posted 04 May - PM. Thanks for all the help guys.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Thread starter dublove Start date May 7, Location alta loma. The Fed Old Guys Rule. Location Florida. Reprogram it? Location Car s 09 GTI. The coding should be the same. Do you have vcds logs? I searched the web and couldn't find where it states it needs to be reprogrammed.

Is there literature with the repair kit that states this? Maybe you have a different issue? Are you getting any different codes?

Is the repair kit a genuine VW part? Any VW Dealer should be able to do it. Ah, yes, recalibration or adaptation or basic settings. I wouldn't call that reprogramming. To me, reprogramming infers changing factory settings. Mohdsomji New member. Location Burundi. Hello, can anyone help on how to reset the coding of a used ABS control module? Location Wisconsin. If you just search the forums for "ABS Module" you will find lots of information.Without a doubt, your brakes are the most important systems on the car.

Mk5 ABS Module Failure, DIY repair??

There is an ABS control module that reads the information from various sensors on the vehicle and controls brake modulation. If this control module goes bad it can cause all kinds of problems with your braking system. The ABS system will require coding and setting with a scan tool after installation.

Also you can not drive the car until you have completely bled the brake system. Components have been removed for photographic purposes but you should be able to access everything. It is a good idea to label and remove the fuel and EVAP lines that are in your way to give you more room. You will need to remove your engine cover or aftermarket air induction system. Please see our article on engine cover or aftermarket air induction system removal for additional assistance.

Large Image Extra-Large Image. You will need to remove the charged air pipe. The charged air pipe and hoses run from the induction system and divert air before it reaches the throttle body red arrow. This charged air runs through a pipe that is secured by an 8mm bolt blue arrow and T30 Torx green arrow and enters the interior by a quick release fitting yellow arrow. Please see our article on charged air pipe removal for further assistance.

Try and get as much brake fluid as you can out of the fluid reservoir red arrow on top of the master cylinder. Clean around the cap and then remove it. Using a fluid pump or turkey baster, get as much of the old fluid out as you can.

This helps prevent excessive spilling of brake fluid inside the engine compartment. It's also helpful to stuff a bunch of old rags or paper towels under the master cylinder and ABS unit to absorb any spills. The ABS unit is hidden behind the engine and lines red arrow. I removed a lot of things for photographic purposes but you should be able to reach in and access everything. If you want to move the lines make sure to label and photograph everything well to assist when reinstalling.

The wiring harness for the ABS module is attached to it on the side by the fire wall. Pull up on the module connector red arrow. This will separate the connector from the module and allow you to remove it from the unit. Pull the connector yellow arrow straight away from the unit. Clean the top of the ABS unit and use an 11mm flared wrench to remove the two supply lines red arrows from the master cylinder. Make sure to cap the lines and unit to keep anything from getting in them.

Use an 11mm flared wrench to remove the four lines red arrows coming out from the ABS module. With lines removed lift the unit up and out of the rubber mounts and take it to your work bench. Use a T25 Torx to remove the two screws that hold the hydraulic unit to the module red arrows. These screws are single use only and should always be replaced. You can now separate the hydraulic unit from the control module.

If you are covering the hydraulic unit make sure to cover it with plastic and not cloth or a rag.Discussion in ' Electrical ' started by HotgolfNov 1, Log in or Sign up. Club GTI. Righty, blo ody mk5 2. I've seen a few dodgy vids of people doing some pretty poor soldering attempts but has anyone done it on here? My other issue is that VCDS won't pickup most of the controllers when running a scan. I hope its just a cheap lead playing up but do other people have issues with thir cheap leads?

HotgolfNov 1, What lead do you have? Is it a can one? Mk5's need a can lead. The ones I have have never given me problems. Is it a known common fault on the ABS module, that the repair kit is guaranteed to fix if implemented well? If so, doing a decent job of swapping over some SMD components would be no problem at my work if you need someone to do it.

I'm far from an expert on VCDS because I've simply never used it all that much except occasional use on our cars, but I actually had to modify my cheapy interface before it would work with the Corrado's engine ECU. Trev16vNov 1, As above mk5 needs a 'can' cable. Also a repair kit from VAG for them too. GVKNov 2, Hmm broken internal connection is it, right, wheres my spanners!

I've picked up a used unit this morning and will strip the old one down for a look inside. As for the cable, I've no idea if it's a 'can' or not. HotgolfNov 2, Joined: Jan 26, Likes Received: Location: aberdeen.

Joined: Jul 1, Likes Received: Vw normally honour a replacement control unit under goodwill, have you tried calling customer services? The blue cheap cables are 'k-line' only and don't support 'can' based mk5 on cars. After my call to them today I've lost all faith in rip-off dealers lol Yeah I have a cheapo cablemay have sorted a replacement Gary, have you ever had a go stripping one down?

No mate, generally I've either sent them off for repair or they have been replaced under warranty so the old unit has been returned. When was at VW they were just starting to play up on mk5s, the VW test plan just said, press brake pedal to test the brake switch was sending signal to ABS then if it was just said to replace the module!

The VW price was up there at one point, shocking lol I'll see what this used unit is like I've bought and strip the old one down.

If it's a broken joint and repairable I'll get some pics up showing it. If it's not, nothing lost. Took it off and stripped the module off the pump today.

Fair bit of corrosion on the bases of the magnetic units if that's what they are but no sign of any damage to the circuit board.Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 06 November - PM. Posted 07 November - AM. Posted 07 November - PM. Agreed, you need some sort of reader to reset but not all have that capability. There's no manual rest for the driver.

Posted 27 November - PM. Posted 28 November - PM. My light is on on the dash also and the EPC light and switch doesn't do anything by the gear stick.

Ive been told its a sensor fix that cost over bucks and is a common problem with VW audi.

ABS Sensor Replacement

This requires a rebuild of the pump with a repair kit. Posted 30 November - AM. Posted 02 December - AM. Vw recently fixed mine free of charge, I never even bought it from them, and it's seven years old! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. I think that the ABS sensor failure battle was a bit of a low point for VW relations with owners that hopefully taught them a lesson, hence the current situation of extending cover for that problem. They went a long time first denying any knowledge of a problem and then trying to evade responsibility by claiming "wear and tear"or owner negligence in changing brake fluid which did them little good given that other makes who had fitted the ABS Unit at fault had held their hands up and accepted responsibility for free or discounted replacement without aggravating customers as much.

Posted 02 December - PM. VW Group Design and manufacture a great deal of content "in house" bodywork ,engine,gearboxes etc and even when they out-source they will have a great deal of control over design and specification and many parts will be unique to Vw or VW Group. Posted 14 December - AM. Community Forum Software by IP.

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